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2015 – Can alcohol and drug treatment services be culturally competent?

The Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) services sector needs to be able to respond more effectively to the complex needs of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds – asserted Michal Morris in her presentation ‘Can Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services be Culturally Competent?’ at the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association
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2008 – Cultural Competence – case study: Western Region Health Centre

Western Region Health Centre contracted CEH to review its capacity to deliver culturally competent services, and develop recommendations for planning and service delivery. CEH identified a number of key strengths in Western Region Health Centre's work. We also offered several practical recommendations in the areas of policy and procedure, data
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2004 – Project: Good practice in language services

This initiative explored and promoted good practice in health service planning and provision that supports the health and wellbeing of Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Part of this initiative was the Language Services Project which collected examples of good practice from the health and local government sector. In 2014,
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health needs

2000 – Finding and filling the gaps: the health and welfare needs of refugees

How do service providers identify and prioritise the health and welfare needs of refugees and humanitarian entrants? The overall aim of this project is to determine how the health and welfare needs of refugees are being assessed and addresses by service providers and to accurately locate and describe unmet needs.
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1997 – Child health record evaluation

The main objective of this project was to evaluate the use of the Child Health Record (CHR) in selected communities to ensure quality usage of the book by consumers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The sample size for the whole project was 362 participants The main aims of the
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1995 – Perceptions and attitudes towards the contraceptive Pill

The project explored women’s perceptions and attitudes towards the contraceptive Pill. This was to help inform the development of a culturally appropriate Information Booklet on this method of contraception in five community languages. A total of 73 community members participated in the focus group discusses conducted in five community languages.
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birthing services

1995 – Best practice: Shared care birthing services and cultural diversity

The aim of the project was to identify benchmarks of best practice through the development of shared care birthing services between St George’s Hospital/Inner Easter Geriatric Centre and North Richmond Community Health. Together with La Trobe University, CEH acted as a consultant to the project assisting in the development of
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1994 – Attitudes and behaviours in injecting drug users

The Vietnamese Intravenous Drug Use Study is a collaborative project between the Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research, North Richmond Community Health and CEH. The study began in late 1994 and aimed to explore the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to – and prevalence of – human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),
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1994 – A model for ethnic health audits in hospitals

CEH developed a model for conducting Ethnic Health Audits within hospitals on the basis of ‘Working with people from non-English speaking backgrounds: Guidelines for health agencies’ (Victorian Department of Health and Community Services, 1992). The model applies range of research methods. Organisational data is gathered through a Survey Questionnaire for
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