2012 – Radio health messages targeting mothers


The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health was hired by the Victorian Office for Children to create scripts for a radio advertising campaign targeting mothers from Arabic-speaking and Chinese backgrounds.

The campaign aimed to promote the benefits of reading to your child; changing eating habits to include more nutritious foods and drinks; and using Maternal and Child Health services.

By focus-testing draft scripts with mothers from the target groups, CEH was able to identify a number of ways to make them more relevant and appropriate.

Improvements included:

  • re-writing the scripts as conversations between parents
  • incorporating culturally appropriate fruits and vegetables in the scripts
  • substituting ‘story-telling’ in place of reading to children, to accommodate for traditional practices and mothers with low literacy
  • explaining the purpose of the Maternal and Child Health nurse

Verification with the target audience showed that the revised scripts were more culturally relevant and had a greater impact on message reception.



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March 13, 2015